Our beautiful online world for ballerina life at home & on the go! For just €9.99 a month, enjoy our classes any time & any where. We add a new ballet class each week to keep our ballerinas learning & engaged. Dance with us, craft with us, enjoy story time & more. We're so excited to welcome you to our world!










Our Story

Our Primaballet team have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of ballerinas each week in our classes. Our programs have been carefully created in-house by our creative team to introduce ballet to children from 2yrs upwards. It's a delight to see their excited faces coming to class each week and to watch them grow in ability.

We are thrilled to now be able to bring our Virtual Ballet School World into your home. Practice along at home as we take a new class each week in our pretty studios & our Primaballet Theatre (inspired by the beautiful Mariinsky Theatre) and explore our ballerina world behind the scenes just like a real ballerina. Learn to plié, sauté & pirouette with us, teaching little ballerinas is what we love to do. We hope you love pirouetting with us too!







Our Ballerina World at Home

Bring us into your home for just €9.99 per month. Plie & pirouette with us in our beautiful ballet classes. Sing with us, craft with us & let us enchant your little ballerina with story time and more. Our magical world is created for ages 2 to 6 years. We're excited to welcome you inside!

What our customers say...

"We love Primaballet online! Our house has become a ballet studio over night! So much fun & non stop pirouettes! ​ "

Catherine Lyons

"My daughters had been attending Primaballet's weekly classes & oh my goodness the excitement that we can now join them at home! They haven't stopped dancing since!! ​ "

Elaine Sheehan

"My ballerina is completely entraced! I get so much joy watching how much she loves Primaballet Online. It's taken over as her favourite thing!  ​ "

Sarah Griffin

"This is amazing and brilliant. My girls have really missed ballet!"

Kiera Agnew

"This is brilliant! Thank you for looking after our ballerinas!"

Tamara Hamdan

"Such a good idea! I signed up for my 3.5 year old and I think my 18 month old is enjoying it just as much!"

Lydia Spollen

"Amazing idea! My daughter loves this!"

Ciara McKenna

"This is a wonderful idea. Our ballerina dances nightly after dinner so it's right up her street!"

Cathy Mulligan

What's Inside?

Join our Primaballet Team in our beautiful Virtual World with our Primatots level ballet classes. Every week we bring you a new ballet class to practice with at home & learn ballet while joining in the fun with our team. We also have ballerina themed craft videos to create along with us. Story Time videos with our team. Downloadables to participate at home & more. Our content is created especially for little ballerinas aged 2-6 years and is updated regularly to engage their minds, imaginations & curiosity as well as giving them the joy of learning ballet at home.


Contact Us

Please reach out to our customer service team if we can help in any way! Email us at [email protected]


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